Creative Writing/”Blogging”

An Invitation and Introducion

Creative writing is something that everyone can do. All of us have the ability to tell stories about what we have seen and experienced, and who we are  and what we think about things. Children have an inbuilt ability to use imagination to tell stories. For some reason that ability gets drummed out of people as they get older. They are told they cannotwrite, that nobody will be interested in anything they have to say and have written down. It just 1isn`t true. There are hundreds of thousands of people across the country who write on a regular basis. There are hundreds, perhapsthousands, of creative writing groups in existence at this very moment. Many of them are locally based in communities such as villages like ours. So this is your chance to get involved . The web site will carry a number of articles,giving you some practical tips about how to get started ie getting beyond the blank white page. What you might write about. How to improve your writing. A real beginners guide to dipping your toe in the water. If you are already involvedin writing then we hope you will find this information useful to you as well.

Just to start us off here are some, by no means all, of the reasons why you might want to take up `Creative Writing`.  


  • Because it is fun and satisfying .You don`t know where it will lead. It allows you to be an explorer exploring your own imagination and interests.. You can be as daring as you like , you can take risks. You can wander in the realms of fiction and non fiction.
  • Most people have a creative urge the desire to express themselves and play with their imaginations. Writing is oneof the easiest ways to do this.   It helps you to create a permanent record. This could be for yourself or for children, or grandchildren, or friends, or just posterity. The record could be your life story , or your thoughts on life in general, or advice, or things that might amuse, or amaze future generations. Whatever the record is this is an easy way to share it.

Creative writing isn`t just about making imaginative stories it includes a whole wide range of writing.

  • The process of writing allows you to recover memories, perhaps of happy times, or times that have great significancefor you. Everyone has a great fund of these significant memories, that often lie just below the surface of our conscious lives. Creative writing is a way of bringing them back.
  • To do the things listed above you have to clarify your thoughts and feelings. This in turn means you must examineyourself and your life. Socrates said `the unexamined life was not worth living.` You can ask yourself, what are my achievements, what were the turning points in my life? What might I have done differently given the chance? What makesme happy? What things are significant for me?
  • Not only are imaginative ideas and memories brought to the surface in the writing process but emotions as well.Writing is a great way of getting things off your chest, unloading and exploring persistent thoughts, seeing where they lead. A good way of having a rant, putting things behind you, or making a fresh start, moving in a newdirection.
  • It`s very easy to do you just need apiece of paper or notebook, a pencil or pen and off you go.
  • You can control the whole process, itcan be a private activity or you can share with others, you are always incommand.


The Range of Creative Writing

Just to makesure everyone realises what creative writing is ie it`s more than just making upstories using your imagination, although that can be fun, here is a list ofjust some of the things you could have a go at. The list is endless. If you areinterested in writing it then it`s creative writing.

One paragraph factual statement. Can be about anything under the sunthat interests you. Write a few of them and you have an essay.

Journal Entry. Writing of any length in a journalon a regular basis.

Diary Entry. Regular record of events.

Jokes. Can be of any length.

Dreams. Descriptions of dreams.

Blogs. Statements on any particularsubject on a computer website.

Memoir. Memories of times past you havedirect experience of. Stories about your parents or grandparents or otherrelatives etc.

Letters. Of mixed sorts to any person realor imaginary.

Nature Writing   Things you have seen inand around the area over the seasons. The woods , the weather, animals,butterflies, plants etc.

Travel Writing  Places you have been and seen that interest you and will beof interest to others.

Poetry There is a huge range of differenttypes and styles.

Manifesto. Declaration of intent, policy,aims. Can be real or fictional.

Newspaper article or TV item. What would you like to see on TV orin the Papers

Advertisement. Real or fictional includes TV orRadio jingle.

Anecdote. A short usually amusing account ofan incident.

Reviews. Of books. poetry, TV shows,Paintings , Plays and the like.

Reportage. Accounts written in a journalisticstyle.

Flash Fiction. A piece of fiction written to acertain word limit typically 500-1000 words.

Flash Non Fiction. Factual account written to aspecific word limit typically 500-1000 words.

Script. Write your own script for a  film, play , TV episode.

Short Story. Story usually with a limited rangeof characters and often concentrating more on mood than complex plot. Oftenunder 10,000 words.

Novella. Intermediate between Short Story and Novel. About 30,000 words on average.

Novel. Complex prose narrative with arange of characters with plots and usually sub plots. Characters expressthemselves in thoughts , words and actions. Usually with a degree of realism.Book length 60,000 words or more. Many types  eg Detective Novel, Historical novel,Romances.