Oakenshaw Neighbourhood Plan

{NB – Draft Vision & Topic Objectives including revisions agreed at meeting on 27.01.17}


‘That Oakenshaw retains and reinforces its character as an environmentally  friendly village in a distinctly open rural setting. The green spaces and  environmental assets of the Neighbourhood Area will be protected and enhanced  and support given to providing the facilities, amenities and opportunities
that help promote a flourishing community and economy’.


Topic Objective 1:


‘To support housing development of an appropriate scale, type
and location to meet the identified needs of the community, whilst respecting
the essential character and distinctly open rural setting of the village’.

Topic Objective 2:


‘To protect and enhance the valued green spaces and
environmental assets of the village and wider Neighbourhood Area for the
various roles they fulfil’

Topic Objective 3:


‘To support provision of the facilities and amenities that
promote a flourishing and cohesive village community’

Topic Objective 4:


‘To support the village economy by  facilitating home working, self-employment and small scale business
opportunities (including tourism) which are appropriate to their setting and  the nature of neighbouring uses’.

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